Disdain for the Citizens

3 Mar

A story in the Feb 9 edition of our fearless Leader newspaper demonstrated something I’ve seen on more that one occasion. There seems to be, among many of our local municipal elected officials, a certain disdain for the general public.

In this case, a Hillsboro lawyer, Stan Schnaare, went to the city Board of Alderman with his objections to the city’s plan to install parking meters around the Jefferson County Courthouse. He said that this plan would require his employees to pay up to $1,300 per year to park at work, since his office is near the courthouse. Now, I wasn’t at the meeting, so I don’t know what the tone of these exchanges was, but it looks like they basically told Schnaare to go pound sand.

One alderman said to him “And as far as generating revenue goes, attorneys are not taxed.” Which is to say, you don’t provide us revenue, so we don’t care what you want. Then the city attorney, who is a competitor of Schnaare’s, as he works for another law firm, told him that he can’t complain about the parking situation, because he bought his building knowing it had no off-street parking.

Now, none of this is on the level of such egregious displays as when the late Arnold city councilman Jim Edwards yelled at his constituents to “shut up,” or when Cricky Lang makes faces at citizens during the open forum portion of meetings, but it still suggests that one doesn’t need to be elected to an office in Washington DC or Jefferson City to develop an elitist attitude.

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