Teamsters Camp Proposal a Union Bailout

5 Mar

The folks at Teamsters Local 688 have worked out a sweet deal for themselves and their Health and Medical Camp in Pevely. They stand to gain at least 235 paying members through absolutely no effort of their own. Instead, the cities of Pevely and Herculaneum are going to handle all the arrangements to give their citizens access to the camp. These arrangements include:

  • Recruiting households to sign up
  • Collecting membership fees ($300/year)
  • Paying the Teamsters $5000 per city
  • Making up the difference if citizens drop out or don’t pay their bill (at least in Pevely)

I think it’s especially galling that the Teamsters demand $5000 from each city “to prepare the contract,” considering that the cities are doing all the work. As we saw in Wisconsin last year when the teachers cut class to hold their protests, unions are pretty good at getting other people to collect their fees. One of Gov. Scott Walker’s proposals was that the state no longer deduct money from employee paychecks for their union dues. I guess having the government collect the money is easier than breaking legs.

The reason I call this a “bailout” is because it seems clear that the Teamsters are advancing this idea to get more people to use their camp. It must not be bringing in enough revenue. Back in 2009, when the citizens of Pevely were planning to vote on a similar proposal (albeit for only $144/year), the union said:

“We’ve been in the red the last couple of years so we looked at several different options and this was a nice fit,” he said.

[Secretary-treasurer Mike] Goebel said the facility is underutilized, though precise numbers were hard to determine.

I must applaud Herculaneum alderman Gabriel Novak for opposing this plan, specifically stating that the union should “adjust their bylaws and handle the billing and other issues themselves.” However, he was the only Herky alderman to vote against a proposal for the city to start identifying interested households on January 23.

The camp doesn’t even seem to be that great of a deal, anyway, since you have to pay extra if you want to use the swimming pool and the water park (and the golf course, of course). While not a great deal for the users, it’s a sweetheart deal for the Teamsters.


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