April 3 Elections

5 Apr

Some highlights from the elections that took place on Tuesday:

  • Pevely’s business tax hike lost big, 65-35%. City administrator Jason Eisenbeis isn’t happy, blaming the loss on being outspent by greedy businessmen. He says, in a threatening manner, that Pevely will now cut spending. “The celebrations that the city has, maybe those will have to be scaled down. A policeman or other city employee won’t be replaced. Layoffs are possible.” Why didn’t you think of that BEFORE trying to hike taxes. I bet people actually like these ideas you floated. I can understand that maybe Pevely could afford to have a slightly higher business tax, but the astronomical hike that was proposed was not going to fly, even if the city said, “We won’t necessarily raise it that high.”  Eisenbeis then promised that a tax of some sort would be on the ballot again in a year.
  • Doris Borgelt will not be so lonely on the city council, as a second common-sense councilwoman, Michelle Hohmeier, on the dais. Unfortunately, Arnoldians will still have Paul Freese to deal with.
  • Charles Huey lost both his races, coming in last place for both school board and ambulance board.

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