Great White Whale = Ambulance Board Seat?

15 Apr

I find intriguing the saga of Charles Huey, who has been on a 2+ year quest to gain elected office. I first mentioned him in this post.

As a bit of a background, he is a “self-employed political consultant and fundraising consultant for nonprofit organizations.” He is also a member of the VFW auxiliary, the Elks, the Knights of Columbus, and the Shriners (might I suggest the Rotary Club?). It is this biography that carries with it the whiff of desperate ambition, as if every move has been made to lay the groundwork for election victory (that includes his official photo, which is complete with an American flag background).

This information, however, conflicts with a notable lack of electioneering on his part. While he does return candidate surveys from the Leader, I have seen no yard signs, mailings, or ads bearing his name. He also doesn’t appear to have an online presence, which seems strange for a young candidate. These facts belie my view that Huey is an overeager office seeker; if he wants to be elected, why not expend more effort?

Huey’s quest started within the fold of the Republican party, with a fairly close challenge to an incumbent legislator in the very GOP-friendly 2010 election year. Here’s his appearance at a JeffCo Tea Party rally that year. As you will see, he gives a decent speech, and hits on some low-hanging,  red-meat populist themes.

But Huey split with the GOP after that election, and now resides in the Democratic party, although he has run only in multi-candidate, non-partisan races since then. But his vote percentage is dropping, and he is consistently bringing up the rear (see below). He will have to turn things around if he hopes at last to serve.

But what is next for Huey? A run for Arnold City Council would seem to be logical. Huey is thought to have some sort of affiliation with current councilman and good-old-boy extraordinaire Phil Amato; as I recall, they teamed up under the fraudulent banner of the “Conservative Party of Missouri” during Amato’s failed 2010 run for County Council. As we saw this year, there are not a lot of candidates clamoring to run – two councilmembers were unopposed. And it only takes a couple hundred votes to win. In a one-on-one race, or in a three-way battle, Huey might have a better chance than he has had when facing 4-5 opponents.

Here is Huey’s electoral history. The results below can be found here.

November 2010

-State Representative (2-candidate field): 43.7%, 2nd place

April 2011

-Jefferson County Health Center (6-candidate field): 12.1%, 6th place

April 2012

-Rock Ambulance (6-candidate field): 7.9%, 6th place

-Windsor School Board (5-candidate field): 5.7%, 5th place


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