Herky Signs on to Teamsters Camp

2 Jun

After a few months of discussion and negotiations, and a reduction in the required minimum participation, Herculaneum’s residents will be able to utilize the Teamsters Camp in Pevely for a mere $300 per year. At first, 100 families were to be needed for this to take effect, but that was dropped to 60. As of mid-May, about 70 households had signed up, according to the May 17 Leader. It appears also that the union lowered its demand for “contract preparation expenses” (whatever they are) from $5,000 to $2,200.

There was opposition to this move, which passed the Herky council on a 4-2 vote. City Attorney Dennis Tesreau didn’t like the “hold-harmless” clause in the contract, which says nobody can sue the Teamsters for failure to provide services. Alderman Terry Thomas, one of the no votes (along with Gabriel Novak), fears that the city will have to pay if participation falls below 60 families. That is the case in Pevely. Tesreau said he would look into that (though it seems he should have before the vote was taken). City administrator Jim Kasten said the city won’t pay for anyone who defaults, but that kind of sounds like bluster that isn’t backed up by contract language.

Will these questions be tested in court? Only time will tell.

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