You Call This a Threat?

12 Jun

Linda Van de Riet, widely believed to be the voice behind the car wreck known as Politigal Republic, has for some reason been given a platform by the people at Fenton-High Ridge Patch. They would have been better off giving that space to someone coherent, but that’s their choice. Anyway, she is up in arms because Jefferson County Treasurer candidate Ken Horton didn’t want her to attend his rally over the weekend (with good reason). Here is his “threat”, as she represents it:


Since the June 10th rally is an event I am personally sponsoring and paying for, I am asking that you not plan on attending.  If you plan on ignoring my request and show up any way, I will have you escorted from the premises which will be very embarrassing for you.  You may want to re-think gutter sniping tactics.

Ken Horton

Her reaction: “I guess it’s easy to threaten a woman and warn her that if she dares to step foot in his lair at a fund raiser tomorrow in Pevely, he’ll physically have her removed.”

This is just another example of her hysterics. Everyone is “disturbing” or a faux Republican or a liberal (or in this case a thug(, because they disagree with her, often on something relatively minor. It is hard to blame Horton for not wanting her at his event. I might have even volunteered to be the bouncer.


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