Headline Editorializing

5 Jul

As a postscript to my last post, about the open records disputes in Arnold, the Leader article on the topic was part of a trend I’ve noticed at the paper. Whenever there is some sort of dispute on the Arnold or JeffCo councils, the Leader uses these cutesy one- to two-word headlines to express their disapproval. The headline of the Borgelt article was “Much Ado.” The rest of this phrase, of course, is “about nothing,” which suggests that the paper thinks the issue of the city’s refusal to release plain, everyday records is a useless distraction. On the contrary, the fact that the city hides such supposedly boring information makes one wonder what else they are hiding. We know that corruption runs deep in the city (no thanks to the Leader, which seems loath to explore it).

Similar headlines I can recall have been “Snit” and “Tiff.” The former was a story about Phil Amato being reappointed to the library board, and I forget what the other one was. Perhaps if the paper explored these stories in a bit more detail, they would find that the disagreements are not so trivial.

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