Stimulus Plan for Teamsters Camp

19 Jul

I have written several times about efforts by Herculaneum and Pevely to bail out the Teamsters Camp outside of Pevely by giving the camp a sweetheart deal to allow residents to access the camp. We now learn that Pevely is providing at least one more benefit to the camp: free mosquito spraying. Let’s call this a stimulus plan for the camp.

According to the July 19 Dear Leader, an effort to discontinue this longtime practice was defeated. Alderman Dave Shelley asked why the city was providing this benefit, even though the camp is outside city limits and pays no taxes to the city. The city also sprays Kimmswick, but that town pays $2,000 a year for the benefit.

The only argument for continuing to do this that makes any sense is that nearby subdivisions may be affected if the camp is not sprayed. The obvious answer to this would be to spray the subdivisions. If this argument is accepted, then the city should spray everything within a certain radius outside the city limits, to keep any mosquitoes from entering the city. Another argument to keep doing this, one that is not legitimate, is that it only takes “10 or 15 minutes” (so says the city administrator, Jason Eisenbeis, who one should recall is slashing services left and right to convince residents that a business tax hike is needed). Alderman Freddie Busch says, “They go right by it anyway.” In that case, why not pave their road and mow their lawn, too?

Shelley and Alderman Carol Moore should be applauded for trying to draw the line on giveaways to the camp. Busch, Alderman Marlin Hahn, and Mayor John Knoblauch should be booed for voting to continue the practice. Aldermen Ed Ziegelmeyer and Steve Markus were absent.


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