Passing the Hat at the Assessor’s Office

6 Aug

Perusing the amended July quarterly report (all reports for all Missouri candidates are here) for the campaign of current Jefferson County Assessor Terry Roesch (who is running under the Democratic banner for a full term), I notice that he has gotten a lot of contributions from employees of the Assessor’s Office, ranging from $20 to $100, with one $300 donation. By my count, 15 employees donated to Roesch’s campaign in the three month time period covered by this report (how many employees do they have?!). This suggests a few possibilities:

  • The employees know Roesch well and like him.
  • The employees got their jobs in part by being good Democrats – state House candidate and local political scion TJ McKenna is one employee who donated. The previous assessor, Democrat Randy Holman, held the post for 16 years, so the party has owned this position.
  • There was a bit of pressure around the office to donate.

These possibilities are not mutually exclusive; any or all of them could be at play here. But these donations do carry an air of ethical sketchiness, I believe.


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