Primary Results Recap

8 Aug

I will herein summarize the major Jefferson County results from yesterday’s primary. I tweeted many of these results last night (see my Twitter feed on the right side of the blog). Come follow me there, where I share ALL THE NEWS from our fair county.

Here is a link to the full results, straight from the county website.

The biggest local headline, I think, is the squeaker between incumbent Charles Groeteke and challenger (and county GOP Central Committee member) George Engelbach. Engelbach prevailed over Groeteke by 4 votes out of 2,468 cast. Richard Blowers pulled in 401 votes to place third. This is one of those periodic reminders we get that every vote does indeed matter. Engelbach will face retiring state representative Tim Meadows, in what is a rather heavyweight matchup.

In a muscle-flexer for the local Tea Party, Ken Horton whipped Trina Waller, wife of the county executive, by a 61-39 percent margin in the race for the GOP nomination for treasurer. I am surprised that Horton won by so many votes.

In the race for sheriff on the GOP side, which I wrote about here, Dan Stallman won pretty big, with 46% of the vote against three other candidates. I suspect that his previous ballot appearances made him known to voters, and his experience as a deputy won them over. His age might have helped, too – I don’t know if we want some young whippersnapper as sheriff ’round these parts.

In the races for GOP Central Committee, I can joyously report that local gadfly Linda Van de Riet was narrowly defeated (by 38 votes) by Nicole Bradley, who will take over Van de Riet’s seat on the committee. Between this and the loss of her minute-taking job for the county council, Linda will no longer have the imprimatur of an official position to attach to her rants. Other Central Committee incumbents who lost were Dwight Vermette, Diane Berberich, and Gerald Bollinger. All but Berberich were defeated by “Liberty” candidates from the Ron Paul wing of the party. The other victors were Mark Paul and Jim Muellersman. Central Committee meetings might be rather interesting going forward.

In the GOP Race for assessor, Rob Vescovo finished third in a three-way race, despite being the big money candidate. He spent about $11,000, while his challengers didn’t even file expenditure reports, which means they raised less than $500. This is a case where the experience of the victor, Robert Boyer (so many Boyers around here!), won the day.

In total, by my figures, there were 10,672 Democratic ballots pulled yesterday, and 18,701 Republican ones. While part of this can be explained by the fact that there were more contested races on the GOP side, this also reflects that our county is trending right. By comparison, statewide GOP candidates got about 35,000 votes in JeffCo in 2010, while their Democratic opponents got about 27,000. Thus, we see an 8,000-vote difference between parties in both elections.


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  1. jcpenknife August 14, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

    In the Leader, Boyer cited the fact that only he returned the paper’s survey on the GOP side as a factor in his victory.


  2. Anonymous September 16, 2012 at 5:02 am #

    Young WhipperSnappers around these parts….where do you think we all live…in Hooterville or something like the ‘Real McCoys’!!!! Please, we need the experience that youth can bring to us instead of older myths. Jason Jarvis was by far the experienced man in current up to date crime tactics and the physical abilities of actually going out into the work field along with the team he develops to carry the load of providing the safety for our citizens. How often did Glenn Boyer actually get out of his office unless it was to do a TV interview or just go over to the substation near Festus…not to far out in the trenches at all has he gone. Mr. Stallman needs to retire as well, he experience for being Dare Coordinator must not be working here in Jefferson County, because we are still pretty much a joke in the St. Louis area for being a drug county.


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