Teamsters Stimulus Plan Ended in Pevely

23 Aug

I wrote here about the freebie mosquito spraying Pevely has been doing at the Teamsters Health and Medical Camp, which is outside the city limits. This despite Pevely’s big need to slash expenses. After Alderman Carol Moore brought up the practice last month, the Board voted to keep on spraying. But then, for some reason, the city decided to request payment for the service, to which the Teamsters replied, “P-shaw!” So now the spraying has ended, according to the August 23 Leader (just in time for West Nile season). There was no word on why the city had a change of heart.

In other Pevely news, I see that the Aldermen were going to have a special meeting tonight about the “business license ballot issue,” but that the meeting was cancelled. No doubt this was to be about trying again to get the voters to approve a business tax increase, a measure for which failed back in April. The city promised to try again next April. No word on why the meeting was cancelled.

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