The Cash – Followed

2 Sep

As a follow-up to my report on shady financial wheelings and dealings at the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee (JCRCC), the next set of Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) disclosures are in, and they are revealing (thanks to commenter Mark for the heads-up).

Here’s what the JCRCC reported. Note the August 16 contribution of $3,400 to Janet Engelbach, wife of George, who starred in my last post. This is the same amount George gave to the political action committee Voters for Good Government (VGG) on July 26. The money is said to be for “election mailing,” which is exactly what VGG said they did with the $3,400 from George.   This can only be interpreted as a reimbursement.

The JCRCC also gave $1,600 to another PAC, Jefferson County Organization to Reinforce Citizen Awareness (JCORCA). This is the organization that was established on July 25 that shares an address with the Engelbachs and shares a treasurer, Leslie Hanson, with the JCRCC. These transactions left the JCRCC with a balance of only $501.04, a reduction of over $5,000 from their last report. VGG has yet to file a post-election report (they have a few more days), but I don’t expect any news from them.

JCORCA also received money from two JCRCC members, Bill Alter and Diane Berberich (who lost her seat in August). They gave $1,000 and $125, respectively. This seems to serve to indirectly reimburse (more than, in Alter’s case) the money spent on behalf of these candidates by VGG right before the election. So this new organization, JCORCA, already has $2,725 to its name.

Why would these organizations spread this money around like this? In part, it seems, so JCRCC wouldn’t be directly spending its money to re-elect its members. But also, my original sources speculates that JCRCC wanted to move the money out if its own account in case the Liberty faction took over the committee, and thus the purse strings.


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