Map of Planned Hillsboro Meter Sites

4 Sep

As a public service, I have taken the plans for installation of parking meters around the Jefferson County Courthouse in Hillsboro, provided by the Leader in textual format, and converted them to a handy map, using a Google Maps background. Red areas are where meters will reportedly be in place by early 2013. About 140 parking spots will be metered. You can see a photo of meters the company that will install them uses in Clayton here. Click to enlarge:

Hillsboro Meter Map

On a side note, there was a debate over whether the meters should accept dollar bills. The plan is not to do so, to save money, but Alderwoman Joyce Twiggs said dollar bills are a good option for women, because she thinks having change is “a man thing.” I’d argue that it is a woman thing, since women carry purses around.

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