De Soto Deaths

8 Sep

The reporting out of De Soto seems to have ceased – at least for now – in the wake of the apparent murder-suicide in which Lisa Cochran killed herself and her three daughters. I would like to highlight something that I think merits further investigation.

The Post-Dispatch reports on the custody situation between Cochran and her ex-husband over their two kids (Cochran’s other victim was a child by her ex-boyfriend):

“We knew she was unstable,” said Tammy Martin, Vincent Cochran’s aunt. “She threatened suicide numerous times.”

Martin, of Arnold, said judges had ignored his pleas to get the children away from her nephew’s ex-wife. She said that her nephew suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from serving in Iraq and that his ex-wife used that to convince a judge that he should get only supervised visits.

To what extent did people know she was “unstable?” How legitimate were the orders of protection she requested and received against her ex-husband and ex-boyfriend? Was the ex-husband really only worthy of supervised visitation? What was the extent of his “pleas” to judges?

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