Local AFL-CIO Endorsements

19 Sep

I wrote here about resistance to right to work among local GOP legislative candidates. I noted that two incumbent candidates, Paul Wieland (112th district) and John McCaherty (97th district) even gave money (albeit a small amount) to the Jefferson County Labor Political Committee. Well, the Missouri AFL-CIO is out with its endorsements for November, and we can see if any local Republicans have been rewarded for their friendliness to unions.

In fact, we find that the labor group only endorsed 1.5 local Republicans. Paul Wieland was one of them. The half-endorsement goes to McCaherty, because the AFL-CIO endorsement process ended up in a tie for the 97th district, so apparently both him and his opponent, Sam Komo, get the nod. I wonder if they will both claim this in their ads as if they got the endorsement exclusively?

*Note: 116th district house candidate Kevin Engler, a current state senator, also got the AFL-CIO endorsement, but the district he is running for is outside of Jefferson County.


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