Arnold Mayoral Race Takes Shape

21 Sep

Seven months ahead of the April election, and in the midst of the campaign for the November elections, the race for mayor of Arnold is taking shape. Incumbent Ron Counts announced his plan to run again on September 6, while City Councilwoman Doris Borgelt did so a few days later. Borgelt had already made her plans known though (I tweeted that she would be running back on Sept. 1).

Counts’ statement was short, but as his claim to a second term, he said:

“The fine citizens of Arnold supported me as I have since supported them, by leading the way to a balanced budget, helping to bring new jobs to our city and unity among city leaders.”

As for Borgelt:

“I am running because I would like city government to be more accessible to the people,” said Borgelt in an interview with Patch. “And more accountable.”

This is exemplified by her fight with City Hall over the release of visitor logs. During this fight, Counts came across as a minor figure, while City Attorney Bob Sweeney led the charge for secrecy. This has been the general M.O. of Counts, yo take a backseat. The city seems to be run by Sweeney and the council; they are the ones who are pushing for new initiatives (misguided as most of them may be).

Counts’ claim of “unity among city leaders” is interesting. Is he referring to his call for a “specialist” to come in and help the council learn to work together? I’d say there is unity among city leaders because they are all part of the same clique, with the exceptions of Borgelt and sometimes councilwoman Michelle Hohmeier. This “unity” could change quite quickly at the next council election.

Borgelt has a reputation for being brash and maybe a bit impolitic (although other council members have been happy to lob wild accusations at her). I do wish she would not engage in arguments like this one with Linda Van de Riet (what’s that they say about arguing with a fool?). But she is definitely tenacious in standing up for her beliefs.

There is plenty of time to go before this election, and it is quite possible that another big-name challenger, or a spoiler, might enter the race. It should be a lively campaign.


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