Eisenbeis – Two Jobs, Two Cities

28 Sep

I have written a number of posts about Pevely, which has been run by city administrator Jason Eisenbeis since October 2011. Well, I did not know this, but he has also served as a city councilman for Crystal City for 12 years, according to his LinkedIn profile.

This seems to me to be odd, to have a person serve two different cities. Nobody else seems to object to what Eisenbeis is doing, but I can imagine situations in which the two cities’ best interests might be at odds, say if they are competing for a new business or a government project. We see something like this once in a while in Arnold, when someone serves two elected bodies (such as an ambulance district and a city council) as a member or as an attorney and has to recuse himself when an issue arises that affects both. But a city administrator can hardly recuse himself, since he’s the guy running things on a day-to-day basis.

There’s also the issue of living in the city you serve. I’m less concerned that Eisenbeis administers Pevely, but does not live there, but it is something people might object to. The mayor and council, after all, have to live in Pevely to be elected.


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