Big Hauls for Romine and Fallert

13 Oct

We learned yesterday that Republican candidate for Senate District 3, Gary Romine, received a big donation$100,000 – from the Missouri Senate Campaign Committee. In comparison, Romine had a total of $184,000 on hand prior to this donation, according to his October quarterly report. We know that Missouri politics is awash in money that is largely unregulated, but it shocks me that this much money is at play for a rural state Senate seat. I’m not suggesting anything nefarious here; this just shows us the current state of Missouri (and national) election finance.

In that same quarterly report, we see a few other donations from the MSCC, totalling $25,000 in $5k increments. In August, the committee gave him $50,000. Romine has also gotten some attention from Missouri Senate Floor Leader Tom Dempsey, in the form of donations totalling $15,000 on that report and $5,025 in August. I’m assuming Dempsey is trying to curry favor in hopes of climbing the leadership ladder in the Senate, in addition to, of course, keeping the seat in GOP hands.

While we’re on the subject of the race for Senate District 3, let’s check out the latest finance report for Romine’s opponent, Joe Fallert, Jr. In September, he pulled in a big $82,500 from the state Democratic Party. He also received $25,000 from the Missouri Democratic Senatorial Committee. Fallert had $78,000 on hand in early September, an amount that his donation from the state party more than doubled. A lot of labor groups showed up on his donation list, as one might expect.

One has to wonder how they will spend this money. As I said, this district is rural. The biggest city is Farmington, with 16,000 residents. Fallert spent $8,600 in August, mostly on signs, printing, food, and low-cost advertising. Romine managed to spend $43,000 in September. He spent a lot on postage and printing, but he also spent big on “campaign strategy” and a $12,000 media buy. Even so, I suspect both candidates will have some money left over on November 7th (which they can probably pass on to other candidates, or save until next time). There’s enough money available in the 3rd district that I don’t think Fallert, even though he has over $100,000 less than Romine, will be hurting for cash over the next month.


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