Local Candidates on the Air

23 Oct

A few local sounds and sights from local candidates:

  • Along with Jeff Roorda’s ad, a pair of GOP state House candidates have teamed up to put a commercial on local airwaves. Derrick Good and John McCaherty have this ad, which will also air on cable locally.


  • Here’s Senator Claire McCaskill talking about how important Jefferson County is to her re-election chances.
  • Here is Becky Ruth, GOP candidate for House district 114 on KJFF radio. They will probably add TJ McKenna audio to that site later. (Note: McKenna is a young guy – he graduated from college 5 years ago – and as you will see from the link he has no web site. He also has, as far as I can see, no campaign Facebook or Twitter accounts (correct me if I’m wrong). It really surprises me to see young candidates not embrace online tools (he’s not the first). Ruth, a retired teacher, is all over social media. I realize that JeffCo might not be a place where internet campaigning makes a huge difference, but still).
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