Tidbits from the Leader Voters Guide

29 Oct

The Leader, our dear county newspaper, published its voter guide this week. Here are some nuggets I found in its pages:

  • GOP Assessor candidate Robert Boyer says ” I have used online mapping and property searches in other parts of the state and country, and the current Jefferson County Assessor’s records appear archaic in comparison.” That is true. While the JeffCo Assessor website’s search capabilities seem to have improved recently, it is all text-based. There are no mapping capabilities available, as there are in, say, St. Louis County. This is one of several races in the county pitting a newcomer versus a longtime officeholder or employee, and this race shows the effect that new blood can potentially have in office, in the form of new ideas vs. a long-entrenched way of doing things.
  • As she did at the JCGA Forum, County Council District 2 challenger Cheryl Hermann repeats her charge that “a council member walked out of a council meeting because the agenda was not numbered to his or her liking.” Again, she doesn’t mention the fact that the council member in question was her opponent. In this case, she even bends over backward to not identify the person’s gender. I find the lack of specificity odd. I guess she’s trying to soften her attack, so as not to look negative.
  • The questions the Leader posed to legislative candidates were not very informative. The first two were about abortion and guns. This being Jefferson County, there was not a lot of disagreement between Democrat and Republican candidates (every candidate was more or less pro-gun and pro-life), and the Leader had to know that this would be the case. Plus, these aren’t the most pressing issues we face right now, and significant action on these issues in the legislature is unlikely. Why not ask about right to work, for example, like the Leader did in its primary election voter guide? Or anything related to the economy? The questions asked of the candidates for county offices were much better.
  • Not in the voter guide, but in an article about campaign expenditures, we find that, as of the end of September, county council candidates George Engelbach (GOP for District 2) and Cliff Lane (Democrat incumbent in District 6) had spend $0 and $50, respectively. Their opponents had each spent about $2,000. Sure, Engelbach recycled his campaign signs from a previous race (see below), but still, not even a printed mailer? I think he’s opened up the wallet this month, though; I believe I saw a newspaper ad. As for Lane, his expenditures seem to match the terse stump speech he gave at the JCGA forum.

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