Stopping By

11 Nov

On an administrative note, this humble blog achieved a new record for daily site visits on November 5, the day before the election. From the Google searches that brought people here, it appears that many were doing last-minute research on various local candidates. That is one of the reasons I set up shop here. Since the Leader does not like the internet (although that is changing a bit), there has been no real online repository of the political happenings in this county (although the local Patch websites are becoming valuable). In addition to local news aggregation, I strive to provide original commentary and reporting. I am happy to have been a useful resource for voters, to whatever small extent I was, and I thank you for reading, commenting, and providing information and tips. I hope you will continue to visit these pages, because now that the election is over, it is time to keep a close eye on those we have elected (and start thinking about the April municipal voting).

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