Pat Martin Thinks You Are Dumb

17 Nov

Patrick Martin’s latest editorial in the Leader starts off as a fairly unremarkable recap of the recent election. But in his closing, he goes full elitist and, in discussion of the state ballot initiatives, makes it clear what he thinks of local and state voters.

In discussing the passage of Prop E, he says it is largely symbolic, and that “it was a good lick anyways against that dadburned Kenyan the socialists managed to put back in the White House!” So I guess everyone who voted for Prop E is a birther? Martin is clearly ignorant of the fact that Prop E is not merely “symbolic.” The choice between creating a state health insurance exchange or letting the federal government create one in states that refuse is an important one. Obamacare foes are urging states to refuse to create their own exchanges, stating that the idea that they will be state-controlled is a fallacy. In fact, the feds will exercise strict control over state-created exchanges. Better to let the feds pay for them and be accountable, they argue.

Martin then proceeds to mock those who opposed the failed Hillsboro library tax, claiming they are anti-books. You’ll notice that, when he wants to really insult his readers, he starts spelling words the way he envisions that us backwoods yokels talk to each other. Take his closing paragraph:

Makes me right proud I was borned here, without no guvment birthin’ takeover, neither, just Mama in the hayloft with a stick between her teeth. Pass the tobaccky!

That last line refers to the fact that we are a bunch of nicotine-addicted rednecks who dared to vote against the Prop B cigarette tax hike.

Martin refuses to recognize that there were any legitimate reasons to vote against these ballot initiatives. Futhermore, he more or less states that, if you voted for Prop E, you don’t believe in doctors. He fails to attempt the most basic exploration of these issues and the arguments for and against them. Instead, he goes on one of his cutesie diatribes against the hoosiers. Is this what passes for discourse in the county’s newspaper of record?

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