Scrambling for Emerson’s Seat

6 Dec

DeSoto businessman Todd Mahn is going to run for the Democratic nomination for the 8th Congressional District seat that JoAnn Emerson is leaving. You may recall that he began to run for the Dem nod earlier this year, then dropped out in order to continue serving on the State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors, which he chairs. I imagine the earlier dropout was related to fears that he would be trounced by Emerson, if he made it to the general election. He must feel that his chances are a bit better in an open race that will surely draw low turnout.

On the GOP side, a number of potential challengers are considering running, including:

  • Lt. Governor Peter Kinder
  • Missouri Republican Party executive director Lloyd Smith
  • State Rep. Jason Smith of Salem
  • Mountain Grove attorney John Tyrrell
  • JeffCo’s own state Rep. Kevin Engler

Other names that have been mentioned are:

  • Former state treasurer Sarah Steelman
  • State Rep. Todd Richardson of Poplar Bluff
  • State Sen. Jason Crowell, R-Cape Girardeau

On a positive note, the Post-Dispatch quotes Congressman Russ Carnahan as saying he has no interest in running.

The candidates for each party will be chosen by their 8th District committees, rather than by a primary.

While it is early, and I don’t know much about most of these people, my early favorite is Crowell. He seems like a real conservative that is unafraid to rock the boat. I really hope the GOP doesn’t select Kinder.

As for Emerson, I really don’t like it when members of Congress win re-election, then immediately resign. If you want to quit, don’t run again. Let the people choose your replacement in a regularly scheduled election, instead of sticking your constituents with the bill for a special election.

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