Starting over on the 911 Tower in Arnold

8 Dec

I wrote here about the effort in the county to place new 911 towers, including one to be placed in Arnold that ran into strong opposition. Well, that Arnold tower project will have to begin again. According to the Post-Dispatch:

In Arnold, the city planning and zoning commission in August recommended that the site be rejected. The dispatch agency has since withdrawn its request for City Council approval out of concern that passage could be difficult.

Doris Borgelt provides more detail, and suggests the withdrawal of the request was not optional:

The project must start the whole process anew due to failure to comply with proper notification procedures.  The project has been plagued with notification errors. The last meeting was postponed because the wrong date appeared on the site signage.  It was determined today that the letters appearing on that same sign were less than the required four inches tall. Since that sign was used for all public hearings, with only the date being changed each time, it was determined that the process needed to go back to the beginning and start over.

I must tip my hat to whichever tower opponent thought to take a ruler to the signs to see if the letters were compliant. I suspect that is standard operating procedures, though, for groups challenging zoning actions. Note this from the P-D article, though:

Dispatch Chief Travis Williams said its board and attorneys are considering options, including filing a lawsuit.

I don’t know what the basis of such a suit would be.

A subject comes up in Doris’ article, and the comments, that is interesting. Arnold puppetmaster Bob Sweeney serves as city attorney for both Arnold and JeffCo 911. But for this Arnold tower request, he could serve neither entity, because of the conflict of interest. So both entities had to hire new attorneys. It seems like a bad move to have an attorney or a board member that serves elsewhere (for a time, Randy Crisler served on both the Arnold City Council and the Rock Ambulance Board, which created conflict in regards to TIF money at Arnold Commons).

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