Carnahan and the Cliff

16 Dec

For a few more weeks, Jefferson County will be represented in Congress by Russ Carnahan, before he exits the legislative branch. There has been speculation going back to the time of the 2010 election, in which he narrowly edged Ed Martin, that what he really had his eye on was a job (any job) in the Obama administration. It looks like he may be on the cusp of achieving that dream, according to the STL Beacon:

Clay soundly defeated Carnahan, setting the latter on a path of reflection – and job-seeking – as he considers what he’ll do next.

“I’m engaging in many, many conversations with people about what I’ll be doing,” Carnahan said.

Is he seeking a federal position? “I have an interest in helping the president and his team in his second term and what that looks like has yet to be determined,” Carnahan said.

While he is serious about entering the bureaucracy, he is clearly not serious about fixing Washington’s fiscal problems:

Carnahan is seeking a balanced approach, he said, that also protects low-income and middle-class Americans. Among other things, he said he opposes many Republican proposals to curb entitlements, such as raising the eligibility age for Medicare, which provides health coverage for people age 65 and over.

Balanced? There is no hope of averting a debt tsunami if people like Carnahan oppose common-sense reforms like raising the Medicare eligibility age. Medicare is growing rapidly, and threatens to take over more and more of our budget.

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