A New Potential Conflict in Pevely

22 Dec

I wrote here about Pevely city administrator Jason Eisenbeis, who I thought may be put in a conflicted position between his duties there and as a city councilman in Crystal City. Well, that conflict has been eliminated, because Eisenbeis resigned from the Pevely job to take the same job in Crystal City. In hindsight, this should have been a predictable hire for the vacant Crystal City job, which has been open since June. The mayor and the council know him, and people like to hire who they know (or at Fox C-6, who they are related to).

But a new conflict arises. The new Pevely administrator, Terry Thomas, is an alderman for Herculaneum (this would suggest, of course, that he lives in Herky). Unless he plans to resign that post, which I see no indication of, he has even more potential to have some sort of conflict. Herky and Pevely are right next door to each other, and they cooperate on several fronts, including shared police dispatching. Pevely also provides Herky police with jail space and fingerprinting devices.

S0, well it is not necessarily an automatic conflict of interest, one could arise on various issues. But Pevely doesn’t seem to be concerned about this.


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