Election Slates Set for April

17 Jan

The headline of the close of election filings for April is probably that Ken Moss has dropped out of the Arnold mayoral race, leaving it as a two-person race between Doris Borgelt and incumbent Ron Counts. I think this development is a good one for Borgelt, as the anti-incumbent vote will no longer be split. With the harassment allegations against him, Moss was probably a long shot anyway. Here are some other items of note from the election filings:

  • Arnold Councilman Bill Moritz is officially not running for re-election. Word is that he is headed to Saudi Arabia for his job (which is with Boeing). This would leave Paul Freese as the undisputed most obnoxious council member (barring a challenge from a new member). Moritz’s treatment of the women on the council suggests he will approve of the Saudi approach to gender relations. His snipe-sign activities, however, suggest he might not like the kingdom’s alcohol restrictions.
  • Claude “Butch” Cooley, a former Arnold councilman and Phil Amato crony, is attempting to make a council comeback, taking on Sandra Kownacki. He last served on the council until 2009, when he was defeated by Jason Connell. Here’s an interesting story about him.
  • Here are Facebook pages for Arnold candidates Shaun Missey (Ward 1) and Mary Coleman (Ward 2), as well as Borgelt. Missey is a liberty candidate, Coleman is an attorney and a newcomer to Arnold (moved here in 2010). Coleman is running against Jeff Fitter, who was appointed by the mayor upon the death of Jim Edwards, but was subsequently defeated by Michelle Hohmeier.  If anyone knows anything about these candidates, or Rodney Mullins (Ward 3), I’m interested to hear it.
  • There are 5 challengers taking on the two incumbents up for re-election on the Fox School Board. This, to me, is too many, and it may dilute the anti-incumbent vote. One candidate is Dan Kroupa, currently Arnold’s treasurer (elected office double-dipping is common in these parts). Another candidate, who looks to be exactly what we need, is Mark Jones.
  • It is sad to see nobody challenging the incumbents in Byrnes Mill. That place needs a housecleaning. Conversely, it is good to see challengers in Pevely.
  • Pevely officials have reached an agreement with business leaders on a business tax proposal. It has been reduced a bit from what was originally planned to be placed on the ballot.
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