Boone-Moss: Searching for Facts

19 Jan

In light of Pat Martin’s latest Leader editorial, I feel I must offer a succinct version of the case against the investigation. Martin is repeating the canard, also offered from the city council dais, that the council majority voted not to pay for the investigation because they “didn’t like its conclusion.” This is inaccurate.

As I detailed here in-depth, those of us who want to deny Kevin Garrison and Protective and Investigative Services their $6,800 fee feel that way because the investigation and report were poorly done. The outcome was preordained, interviewees who did not support the intended result were badgered, irrelevant lines of questioning were pursued, and numerous spelling errors riddled the report. If you hired a contractor to build a deck onto your home, and it was built in a subpar, unacceptable manner, would you pay for it? But we are told by Martin and others that, since the work was done, we have to pay for it, regardless of its quality.

In a sense, it is true that we don’t like the result of the investigation. But that’s because the evidence doesn’t support the finding that Parks Director Susie Boone’s complaint has merit. The investigation establishes that councilman Ken Moss made unspecified (with one exception) negative comments about Boone to third parties and he criticized her work. Does this constitute harassment, particularly age and sexual harassment? If that is the case, I am guilty of harassment against Pat Martin, because I have spoken negatively of him to people, I criticize his work on this blog, and he’s old. I’d better set up an appointment with Garrison. As flimsy as the allegations against Moss are, the allegation against councilwoman Sandra Kownacki, who was also dragged into this investigation, is even more baseless, as it is supported by the testimony of one person, while denied by the testimony of two.

Martin states that the Arnold city council is the frontrunner for 2013 “Knucklehead of the Year.” In recognition of this week’s column, I hereby formally nominate him for the award.

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