We Have an Activist on Our Hands

30 Jan

Two contentious issues that have arisen in JeffCo lately have been the plans for 911 towers and the Pure Pleasure boutique in Pevely. In both cases, local news outlets have found the same person to express the views of the opposition: Ann Moloney, who has been quite active on these issues.
Ann Moloney activist

Here’s KSDK talking to her about 911 in August (left image above), here’s Fox 2 interviewing her in a story about Pure Pleasure (right image above), and here she is on Fox 2 picketing in front of the boutique two weeks ago (despite frequent interactions, Fox keeps spelling her name incorrectly). The Post-Dispatch also chatted with her in Pevely in December 2011. In addition, she made her way to the Letters page in the Leader last week.

As I have stated in my coverage of these issues, I disagree with Moloney on both counts. I think the towers are necessary, and their usefulness outweighs aesthetic concerns (although I disagree with the 911 Board’s decision to pull the plug on their attempts to get local approval for tower locations, which they pretty much knew was unnecessary to begin with, as soon as they ran into opposition). As for Pure Pleasure, I think they have a right to operate and are well within the law.

However, I have to credit her with getting out there and fighting for her views. It is disheartening to see the abuses that occur at the Arnold City Council and at Fox C-6, only to have just one or two people attend and speak at meetings (although that seems to be changing). So good for her for standing up.

Hey, maybe we can convince her to move to Arnold?


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  1. Bob Hohmeier January 30, 2013 at 4:36 pm #

    The following, in no particular order, are some thoughts that come to mind;

    HSA, Homeland Security Administration “has” mandated “narrow band” emergency communications by January 1st, 2013. Jefferson County has a waiver to extend it to January 1st, 2014 to become compliant.

    The ballot initiative in Jefferson County was for communication upgrades, NOT a word about towers.

    Franklin County has similar terrain as Jefferson County, yet complied with the HAS mandate for less than $50,000.

    Jefferson County’s proposed system would cost more than 31 million.

    Most, if not all, emergency communication equipment manufactured in the last 15 years already has built in narrow band capabilities and usually requires only a change of settings for functionality.

    Vince Zagarri is the Franklin County 911 Director and can verify this @ 314-973-9907 or 636-584-6271.

    Kevin White is an expert in communications and installation of narrow band equipment and can be reached at 573-486-0150. He helped Franklin County achieve their narrow band mandate.

    Pevely, Herculaneum and Festus all met the narrow band mandate without towers and are in Jefferson County.

    Madison County, Illinois, met the mandate without adding any new towers, but by utilizing existing towers at great cost savings.

    Jefferson County has 120 existing communication towers and by ordinance in Jefferson County and Arnold, are required to allow emergency communication use on them at NO COST.

    Both Jefferson County and Arnold have ordinances prohibiting towers more than 199 feet in height, yet all 18 of the 911 towers proposed are 290 feet or greater, up to 500 feet.

    Jefferson county and Arnold require set backs for these structures of at least the height to residences, yet many have homes in the “fall radius”.

    The Arnold tower will have a 1000 gallon propane tank at its base for fuel for a back up generator for power. These tanks have a blast radius of more than ¼ mile and will be surface mounted and exposed to falling debris from the tower itself. I assume the other towers will have similar back up plans.

    These towers are interdependent on the rest being functional via dish style communications and the narrow band requires exacting directional stability, yet the proposed “purpose” of this mandate in natural or man-made disasters. Natural would include tornadoes and earthquakes, which in turn would likely alter the dish position, rendering the system useless.

    This is an INCREDIBLE waste of taxpayer dollars, especially given there are other much more cost effective options!

    Technology changes to quickly, it’s also possible these towers will be rendered useless in a few years.

    There is likely plenty more that can be added, but these are just some thoughts off the top of my head this morning. Thanks for looking into this or passing it one to one that will!


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