Mullins Not Giving Up Despite Ballot Removal

28 Feb

Update: Patch article

I have discussed in great detail the (unlawful) circumstances behind the removal of Arnold city council candidate Shaun Missey from the ballot over tax issues. I spent less time on the case of the other candidate stricken from the Arnold ballot, Rodney Mullins. We didn’t hear much from him after his candidacy was thwarted. But now he is back in the news: he’s going to pursue a write-in campaign to unseat Phil Amato in the 3rd ward.

I talked to Mullins the other day, and we discussed his situation. He was eliminated from the ballot over an unpaid sewer bill. On its face, this is consistent with RSMo 115.346, although this law does not designate who is responsible for verifying tax status. As you recall, the Sweeney 2011 memo said this was NOT the clerk’s job as it pertains to personal property taxes.

Mullins states that he mailed his sewer bill in mid-December 2012, a month before the election filing deadline. He tells me these bills are mailed to a P.O. Box in St. Louis. His check cleared one week after the filing deadline. Somehow, the City of Arnold currently has the envelope he mailed his bill in, and he is working to acquire a copy of the envelope to confirm the postmark date.

Mullins noted that he has made no other late payments. While it could be an unfortunate coincidence that it was this bill, the one he needed to arrive by the election deadline, that got lost in the mail, when we see the various shenanigans perpetrated by the regime in Arnold, one has to wonder if this really is a coincidence.

While winning a race as a write-in is a difficult proposition, Mullins seems eager to take on the challenge. His resume, available on his website, is an impressive one, especially given the, ahem, pedestrian resumes of some other council members. He is highly successful, with years of management experience, and well-educated. His positions on the issues include opposition to tax-increment financing (TIF) and sales tax hikes and a commitment to wise use of tax dollars. He pledges to be an independent voice that will not get dragged into the various dramas that so embarrass the residents of Arnold.

He can be followed on Facebook and Twitter. The Leader has an article about him today, although Mullins said they weren’t too interested in his version of events (not surprisingly).

City Attorney Bob Sweeney and company were happy to restrict the ballot options of Arnold residents this election season. Fortunately, Mullins is not going away quietly. Hopefully he can give Amato a good fight and bring his experience to the city council.


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  1. Doris Borgelt February 28, 2013 at 9:56 am #

    Oh, you mean one of those letters the post office includes with damaged mail saying it was damaged in the delivery process and may have been delayed?



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