Boone’s 5 Steps to a Payday

2 Mar

Do you work for the City of Arnold? Need some extra money? Follow these easy steps:

  1. File a harassment complaint against a councilman who is out of favor with the regime. If the Missouri Commission on Human Rights rejects your complaint as outside of their purview, just file it again.
  2. Have the city hire an incompetent investigator to look into and back up your claim. It helps if the investigator makes up his mind before the investigation what the outcome will be. Writing skills not required.
  3. Hire a lawyer, threaten a lawsuit, offer a settlement.
  4. Have the council vote to accept the settlement. Nonwithstanding RSMo 77.105, a majority vote of the council not required.
  5. Profit!

The settlement is worth $55,000 to Arnold Parks Director Susie Boone. I assume a chunk of that will go to her lawyer. I don’t think the money is the main prize in this settlement, though:

The settlement also calls for Boone’s employment contract to be renewed annually for five years, unless a super majority of the City Council votes to terminate it.

This means she has a guaranteed job until she retires, pretty much regardless of her performance. I didn’t attend Thursday’s council meeting, but I bet police chief/city administrator Bob Shockey was chuckling with glee and rubbing his hands together as this settlement was being approved. He probably wants one just like it.


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