Engler Blamed for Car Theft Spike

9 Mar

Kevin Engler, now a state representative down Farmington way, used to represent southern Jefferson County as a state senator. A law that he sponsored last year is being blamed by St. Louis-area law enforcement for a spike in thefts of older cars. Previously, one could only scrap a car without a title if it was 20+ years old, but Engler’s law reduced that to 10 years and older (if it is inoperable).

The purpose of the law was to help rural landowners dispose of old vehicles on their properties. But officials in St. Louis County are blaming this law for a 37% increase in thefts of older vehicles. There was a 4% increase in auto theft in St. Louis last year (the law took effect in late August).

Whether or not this is the case, I enjoyed the responses provided by Engler to the Post-Dispatch:

“There are a lot bigger problems than over-10-year-old car thefts in the metro St. Louis area and Kansas City area, and I would have the police concentrate on some of those problems. But I guess they’ve got to blame it on something…they need to tighten up enforcement of the law and they’ll be fine.”

And this, on the subject of revising the law:

“It’s not a serious problem down here, and if that’s the biggest problem in the city of St. Louis, then I’m not watching the right news at night.”


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  1. wrongonred March 9, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

    I have very little patience or use for Kevin Engler. Read my piece on him having his son Andrew hired by American Traffic Solutions as a lobbyist. The things one learns when one starts digging….. http://www.jeffcoteaparty.com/2011/08/23/wolves-in-our-midst-4-republicans-who-love-red-light-cameras-and-goldman-sachss-money/


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