No Teamsters Bailout from Festus

14 Mar

I saw in the Jefferson Countian that Festus was considering an agreement with the Teamsters Local 688 Health and Welfare Camp in Pevely to allow Festusians to use the camp. Pevely and Herculaneum have similar agreements that cost residents who want to join about $300/year. The agreements are quite friendly to the Teamsters: the cities have to pay to have the contract drawn up, the cities have to recruit a minimum number of residents to participate (135 in Pevely, 60 in Herky), and the cities might even have to pick up the slack if the number of participants drops below the minimum. Plus, the camp doesn’t seem that great (at least, the parts of it that don’t cost extra).

It turns out, though, that Festus will not provide a Teamsters bailout. From the city website:

The City Council has voted to reject discussions with the Teamster Health and Welfare Camp in Pevely.  An overwhelming amount of residents (2 to 1) returned the newsletter questionnaire with a NO response and council will follow the majority choice of the residents.



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