Pevely Council Says No to Thomas’ Tax Plan

17 Mar

The Pevely City Council, on a 4-2 vote, rejected a plan to raise the city’s gross receipts tax (which would add a surcharge to utility bills) on February 26. The two that voted for this hike were Steve Markus and Don Menkhus (the latter up for re-election next month, but unfortunately unopposed).

As you can imagine, the city’s new administrator, Terry Thomas, who threatened to resign shortly after taking the job two months ago, was not pleased. He told the Leader that “we’re going in the wrong direction.” On the subject of employee layoffs, which may be required to keep the city’s budget in balance, he said “the employees didn’t ask for this.”

In Arnold, which I think Pevely is becoming a bit like, the city administrator (and some on the council) seem to think they serve/ represent the employees – not the residents – of the city. This was their justification for handing Susie Boone $55,000 in unwarranted cash. Similarly, Thomas seems real eager to advocate for Pevely employees. But you know what? I bet the residents of Pevely “didn’t ask” for the city to employ a full 42 people. The people of Pevely clearly didn’t ask for tax increases, based on their votes against a number of tax hike proposals in local elections over the past decade. The Pevely mayor and council need to keep Thomas aware that he works for them.

Also at the meeting, Mayor John Knoblach listened to the statements of residents during the public comment portion of the meeting and announced that he opposed the gross receipts hike. It is nice to see a JeffCo mayor take a stand on an important issue, rather than sit on the fence and/or defer to the city attorney. In this regard, Knoblach is not becoming like his Arnold counterpart, Ron Counts.


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  1. Bob Hohmeier March 18, 2013 at 8:31 am #

    It is nice to see that approach from the 4 that know their role is to the citizens. And the Mayor realizing this is very refreshing!



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