Vote Against Sweeney

26 Mar

Update: A new lawsuit filed by eliminated-from-the-ballot Shaun Missey touches on these very issues.

If you live within the boundaries of the North Jefferson County Ambulance District (NJCAD), you should take interest in my series of posts on the unlawful removal from the ballot of board candidate Ron Woehrle. The attempted electoral malfeasance by board attorney Bob Sweeney, which was similar to what he did in Arnold, was overturned by a circuit court judge. The question is, why did Sweeney attempt to pull this stunt? Woehrle will tell you that Sweeney knew Woehrle wouldn’t stand for the type of Sweeney shenanigans that are causing so much turmoil in Arnold. He won’t stand for the enrichment of Sweeney and his cronies with taxpayer dollars. So on April 2nd, elect Ron Woehrle, and send a message to Sweeney that you won’t stand for his style of politics.

Residents of the High Ridge Fire District also have the opportunity to vote for Woehrle, and I recommend they do so as well.

Arnold voters, as always, can register their opinion on Sweeney government. Votes for Rodney Mullins (Ward 3 write-in) and Sandra Kownacki (Ward 4) will help keep Sweeney in check and protect your tax dollars.


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  1. wrongonred March 26, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    2x Woehrle votes here


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