Some Silver Linings

3 Apr

Update: I forgot the biggest silver lining of all – no more Bill Moritz!

Clearly, yesterday was not a good day for the good guys in Arnold city government. However, in this post I will focus on the silver linings.

First, in a big statement to the administration at Fox C-6, the two school board incumbents, Ruth Ann Newman and Pete Nicholas, were defeated. The two winners, Steve Holloway and Dan Kroupa, were the two NEA-endorsed candidates. The former was endorsed by Fox C-6 Watchdogs and this blog. Both campaigned on the issue of nepotism in hiring. While Kroupa was endorsed by Phil Amato and Butch Cooley, let’s hope he doesn’t govern like them.

Second, as I stated on Facebook last night (friend me!), I am cautiously optimistic about new Arnold councilwoman Mary Elizabeth Coleman, for three reasons. First, she’s an outsider (as far as I can tell), and thus nobody’s crony. Second, she’s a lawyer, so she has the knowledge to fact-check what the city attorney tells her. Third, she seems honest. In the past year, we have relied on the ladies of the council for some common sense; let’s hope Mary continues the trend.

Third, down in Pevely, two incumbents were removed. One victor, Ilda Kennon, stated her opposition to excessive spending. Not much information was available about the other victor, Debbie Hurley, but her opponent, Ed Ziegelmeyer, seemed to go along with most of the taxes and spending (when he was present; most of the mentions of him on this site were for absences from meetings).

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