Sad Day in Pevely

12 Apr

It looks like this blog will have to find a new favorite Pevely alderman, as our previous favorite has resigned. Dave Shelley, from Ward 2, told the Leader he left because “he recently learned that his job as a lead abatement project designer in St. Louis prevents him from continuing on the board.” Apparently he works for the city of St. Louis, and this is their policy. I will stipulate that maybe he should have known of this rule, and that in any case, he would have had to leave the board at some point when this came to light. But let’s explore this further.

There is a bit of intrigue here. Shelley says “the issue came to light after an anonymous caller contacted the St. Louis personnel office and reported that Shelley held office in Pevely.” Who made this call? Shelley has some ideas:

I feel like it’s coming from someone in the city. I don’t want to point fingers at people on the board, but I ruffled a lot of feathers down there. I supported the citizens rather than the employees.

He also said, “I never thought anybody in Pevely would be that vicious.” The mayor, John Knoblach, also stated he thought it was a dirty move.


4 Responses to “Sad Day in Pevely”

  1. PH April 12, 2013 at 9:29 am #

    If this were like the city of Arnold, they could hire an investigator , tell him exactly what they want him to report, have the police sit in on the “independent” interviews as an intimidation factor, and have that summary say exactly what the administration wants it to say regardless of any semblance of matching those interviews. Don’t believe this? Look here; and see for yourself!


    • JC Penknife April 14, 2013 at 6:15 pm #

      Yup, that’s what I was referring to.



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