When Will Ward 1 Appointee Be Revealed?

17 Apr

As Patch reported last week, Arnold mayor Ron Counts is about to make his selection to replace the late Cricky Lang on the city council. The agenda for tomorrow night’s meeting confirms this, but there’s no name listed on the agenda, and no announcement has been made.

Will they set up a curtain for the person to walk out from behind during the meeting? Will they wait until just after the public comment period, so residents have absolutely no ability to respond to Counts’ choice before it is rubber-stamped by the council? Will it be Randy Crisler?


2 Responses to “When Will Ward 1 Appointee Be Revealed?”

  1. wrongonred April 17, 2013 at 2:44 pm #

    It does look like he just returned his 2012 Personal property Declaration yesterday over a year late, and still shows he owes for 2012, but perhaps they will pay that off for him as well, and dust him off: http://jeffersonmo.devnetwedge.com/view/PP/518479 I know as of the other day, he had returned a declaration which would have been due I believe March 15th, 2012……


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