Meet New Arnold Councilman Crisler

18 Apr

Update: Crisler paid his PPT on April 16. Great timing!

The soon-to-be newest member of the Arnold City Council, Randy Crisler, who will be appointed to complete the late Cricky Lang’s term, is no stranger to local politics [ed: having served on the council from 2005-2011]. Let’s review some of his greatest hits:

– Got caught driving around late the night before the 2010 election with his pal Bill Moritz hanging up illegal campaign signs:

The officer advised him that what they were doing was against Arnold’s Snipe Sign Ordinance. The report states Crisler lowered his head and stated “I know – we’re going home now.”

– Had a tax lien filed against him by the Missouri Department of Revenue in 2010 for unpaid taxes. A Casenet search finds three civil suits against him since 2004 (two since 2010).

– Didn’t obtain a city business license for his DJ business (click to enlarge):

Crisler not endorsed by CFABA for Arnold council.

Crisler not endorsed by CFABA for Arnold council.

– Lost his council seat to Doris Borgelt in 2011.

– More recently, and ironically given city attorney Bob Sweeney’s jihad this year against candidates delinquent on taxes, Crisler filed his personal property tax declaration for 2012 two days ago. This particular document was due in March 2012. I guess someone from the city told him he’d better get that squared away. As for paying the actual amount due, he apparently hasn’t as of the end of yesterday, according to the JeffCo website. I suspect the balance might be taken care of today, though. I’ll let you know.

Recall that he was late on his taxes for 2010 as well, yet was allowed to remain on the ballot. He was also late in 2008, 2009, and 2011. It’s almost like he’s “engaged in a marginally complex scheme to purposefully defraud the taxing authorities.”

As an aside, before you accuse me of having a double standard for opposing the illegal removal from the ballot of Shaun Missey, but also pointing out Crisler’s tax troubles, note that what I ask for is that everyone be held to the same standard, and that voters get to decide. Clearly, having issues with paying one’s taxes only disqualifies some people from holding office in Arnold.

Is this really the best person Mayor Ron Counts could find for the job? What an insult to Ward 1 residents. This explains why he waited until the night before the meeting to make his intention known to nominate Crisler. Counts, Sweeney, and councilman Phil Amato must not have felt quite secure enough in their council majority, so they had to reach back into the past to find a councilman they knew would toe the line every time.

What a way to kick off Counts’ second term.


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  1. wrongonred April 18, 2013 at 8:43 am #

    You forgot to mention the false testimony he provided against Ken Moss as part of the “Boone” investigation (and then coincidentally gets appointed) and the secret deal that Crisler, Counts, and Moss (ironically) struck to jettison Tesreau and bring The Swindler back to town. Ironic that Crisler plots to bring Swindler back to pillage the citizens of Arnold, and then the Swindler turns around and issues an opinion which authorizes the City to overlook his tax deficiencies? Quid pro quo? No, just how the Good ol’ Boys roll in Arnold…..


    • JC Penknife April 18, 2013 at 8:48 am #

      Can you explain what in his Boone testimony was false?


      • wrongonred April 18, 2013 at 8:51 am #

        I have been told all of it with regard to the things he states that Ken said given the timelines of when they served and Ken’s supposed motivation for “harassing her” (the firing of his sister).


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