Local Tea Party Not so Local

24 Apr

The Jefferson County Tea Party (JCTP) will be having a meeting tomorrow night. I was starting to wonder where they had gone, since they were quite low-key during the campaign season for the April election. On the subject of the Arnold races, the JCTP was completely silent.

This is a departure from past practice. In 2011, JCTP put out an Arnold election guide. The group was also vocal when the city renewed its red light camera contract and rehired Bob Sweeney as city attorney after he was fired. And the JCTP website used to feature a number of articles on the happenings in Arnold.

But lately, posts on the website have been mostly about Obama and gun control. Important topics, indeed, but a group like JCTP can be more effective on local issues/elections, and I think this is where it should focus. Perhaps the change from past practice is a function of new leadership, as former leaders Ken Horton and Steve Farmer departed to run for county elected offices in 2012, the latter successfully. As we have seen, one cannot get the full picture of what is happening in this county by reading the Leader. The JCTP would do well to focus on what is happening in our fair county by spreading local news and by encouraging and recruiting people to get involved.

To JCTP’s credit, one exception to the above has been Pevely. The group has published several blog posts/emails about the taxing going on there. The group even identifies new Pevely alderwoman Ilda Kennon as one of their own. I applaud this focus, and hope that the JCTP will continue this and devote greater attention to local issues, particularly in Arnold. The next municipal election is less than a year away.

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