Tidbits from the Capitol

27 Apr

Here’s a roundup of news from Jefferson City that is relevant to Jefferson County.

  • De Soto businessman and past Democratic congressional candidates Todd Mahn isn’t happy with Governor Jay Nixon’s (lack of) response to the flooding that took place last week in the two men’s hometown.
  • District 22 state senator Ryan McKenna filed an amendment to thwart the growing popularity of seersucker at the Capitol. His amendment would have banned those older than eight years old from wearing seersucker in the state. It was all in jest, he insists. Esquire commented: “Poor McKenna says he feels bullied by their dandyish peacocking in addition to  his view that the style looks silly on adult citizens (we smell ageism at play).”
  • District 115 state representative Elaine Gannon was removed from the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee along with another representative, reportedly for opposing a bill supported by Speaker Tim Jones that would have “made changes to teacher tenure and required school districts to develop teacher evaluation systems that focus on student achievement and performance.” The bill, HB 631, was defeated in the House by a wide margin.
  • District 113 state representative Jeff Roorda spoke at a gun rally at the Capitol last week.
  • Speaking of Roorda, he is headed for a showdown with District 112 representative Paul Wieland for the District 22 senate seat next year. Wieland, a Republican, announced his plans to run this week; Democrat Roorda previously threw his hat in the ring. Former JeffCo sheriff candidate Jason Jarvis withdrew from the GOP side of Senate race upon Wieland’s announcement. He will run for House district 111 (against Rep. Michael Frame) instead.
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