A Challenger for the County Council

29 Apr

Jefferson County District 3 councilman Bob Boyer, whose seat will be up for election in November 2014, has his first challenger (assuming he runs again). It is Charles Huey, a persistent yet unsuccessful candidate who has run for a number of offices in the past few years. I profiled him here. This will be his first run as a Democrat in a partisan race. He ran for legislature as a Republican in 2010, then left the party, but ran in nonpartisan races the past two years.

There are Topix rumors (take them for what they are worth) that Mike Evans (who is a veteran, in case you didn’t hear) will also run for this seat on the Democrat side. Back in 2012, both Huey and Evans entered the race for state House district 113, but jumped out (scroll to bottom) when eventual winner Jeff Roorda announced plans to run. Will their aborted faceoff begin anew?

Another interesting question regarding this race is what will local unhinged blogger and former county council minute-taker Linda Van de Riet do? She works with the GOP locally, serving as a township committeewoman (before being ousted in November) and apparently leading the new county Pachyderm Club, but she is also a rabid Bob Boyer hater. Will she try to find a GOP challenger to take on Boyer? Will she suck it up and get in line with the party? I do think an Evans-Van de Riet collaboration would be fun to witness.

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