Ott Lawsuit Reportedly Settled

7 May

The word is that the Ott lawsuit against Arnold, Police Chief Shockey, and another officer over sexual harassment charges has been settled in a closed session of the city council. (Here’s a Topix thread if you care to read it.) So far, this has for some strange reason not received the same fanfare as the Boone settlement. The Ott case was filed in October 2011, and many delaying tactics were employed along the way by the city, according to Casenet. For instance, the city succeeded in pushing back hearings scheduled for March until after the April election.

So far, no information has come out about the amount of the settlement. There is a court hearing scheduled for June 10 that I assume will finalize the settlement. We may have to wait until then to learn any details. It will be interesting to see if this gets any media coverage. If not, I’ll go ahead and file a Sunshine Act request. Either way, we’ll figure out how much the behavior of Shockey’s PD cost the city and/or its insurance company.

We heard during the Boone settlement that we had to give her the payout to avoid a lawsuit. That the insurance company would not pay if the city lost the suit and the damages awarded were more than the $55k. So in this case, why drag it out for a year and a half, and then settle? I am of the theory that is because this strategy brings in more attorney fees and forces the plaintiff to spend more money for her lawyer, but in the end avoids embarrassing headlines that come with losing in court.


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