Motorists Beware in Pevely

17 Jun

I discussed in April Pevely’s plans to enlist the local police in the city’s never-ending quest for revenue, by dedicating an officer to traffic ticket duty, at the least. Well, courtesy of the Facebook page of Jefferson County Missouri Scanner Radio from last Friday, it looks like the police are getting after it:

***SLOW DOWN I-55 in Pevely ***  Pevely Police are pulling people over day and night for speeding on 55. There is now a construction zone at State Rd Z where the speed limit drops to 50. If you go through that zone at 70mph you get a 450.00 ticket!!  So pay attention to your speed,  and keep your money in your pocket.


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  1. Chris July 4, 2014 at 9:10 pm #

    Ok. I want to understand this. The PenKnife is upset because the United States is set on a constitutional foundation and laws. Those laws at the state level establish speed limits for communally built roadways (I-55). Now one of those speed limit is a reduced speed area for construction zones where brave men and women work while speeding cars and tractor trailers whiz past them. So to support those workers they ask that you the driver slow down from 70mph to 50 mph and make it a law for adults to follow. But we now may drivers don’t head that warning. So the Penknife is made that a 20 mph law breaker gets fined $450 by police. Yeah, Pevely makes revenue.

    The Penknife’s concern for the construction workers is touching. It’s outrage that 20mph is such a speed trap is understandable. Its posted Pevely documents showing the City’s drive to use police to create revenue is revealing. I am glad there is no bias or innuendo


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