Arnold Insurance Drop Makes No Sense

24 Jun

At first, I thought the news that the Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association (MIRMA), Arnold’s insurance carrier, was dropping coverage for councilman Ken Moss (and for Doris Borgelt, although she is no longer on the council) was another win for the Counts regime in their PR battle against these individuals. And maybe it is, in a sense, as it further harms Moss’ chances to keep his seat next April, if that’s what he wants to do. But the fact that the city, not Moss, will be on the hook (apparently) to provide Moss with coverage may indicate that this is unanticipated blowback in the regime’s war on dissenters.

This move by MIRMA is hard to explain. They said they considered dropping the city’s coverage altogether, but instead opted to drop only Moss and Borgelt due to “the alarming number of complaints, lawsuits, and threats of lawsuits stemming from Arnold.” But the amount of money paid out in settlements related to Moss and/or Borgelt equals a mere $55,000 (from the Susie Boone fiasco). At the same time, the city just paid out $450,000 in the Alicia Ott case, in which she alleged sex discrimination against the police department. In addition, city attorney Bob Sweeney (along with others) has been sued by both Shaun Missey (over ballotgate) and by Moss. The city just paid out money to Ozark Hills Park Properties in another settlement as well. And yet it is Moss who loses his coverage?

It is true that Moss has a pending harassment claim against him that was filed by police chief/city administrator Bob Shockey. But I haven’t heard one thing about this complaint since the election. I would think that the MIRMA folks would be able to identify a politically motivated, frivolous complaint when they see one, but apparently they cannot (ditto with the gold buyer’s complaint against Borgelt, which was an attempt to get some free money from the council, and likely also politically motivated). Either that, or they know that the council will quite possibly vote to give Shockey a big settlement regardless of the complaint’s lack of merit. But MIRMA would be on the hook for that no matter what, because the complaint was filed while Moss was covered by the city’s policy.

Perhaps this just serves as a warning from MIRMA. They decided to stop short of the nuclear option – dropping the coverage of the entire city – to see if the Arnold antics continue. Given that the regime is still in charge, it is quite likely that they will. But this could serve to put at least a temporary halt to any further overt actions.


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  1. Bob Hohmeier June 24, 2013 at 8:36 am #

    Mayor Counts has a lawsuit pending against him.

    Chief Shockey has a lawsuit pending against him and the citizens just paid off nearly a half million dollar claim from a recent lawsuit against him.

    Bob Sweeney has at least 2 lawsuits pending against him.

    Diane Waller has a lawsuit pending against her.

    Suzie Boone has a lawsuit pending against her.

    Doris Borgelt has none.

    Ken Moss has none.

    Do we see a pattern here? It doesn’t appear the problem is with Borgelt or Moss. I believe MIRMA has it backwards. I’m sure there are answers, but the administration prefers to keep those behind closed doors and out of public view.



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