Ticket Time in Pevely

2 Jul

Just as has been warned, it seems that the Pevely police are out in force (tweet embedding doesn’t seem to be working, so I will link to tweets of interest):


The “comments” are centered on that age-0ld question: is the increased police presence for safety or money? In the story linked above, Pevely Police Chief Ron Weeks says it’s for safety. This guy is not convinced:


The timing is quite suspect, though. Pevely is in quite the budget crunch – at least, that’s the reason given for all the tax hikes coming out city hall. Pevely telegraphed this increase in traffic patrolling by dedicating one officer to full-time ticket duty. City Administrator Terry Thomas (who had a possible heart attack on June 17) also stressed at the time that this was for safety purposes.

In addition, at the June 17 board of aldermen meeting, the board voted to hire two more officers. Interesting timing, huh? While the hiring process will take a little while, these new cops should be on the force in time to do their share of ticketing. The new officers will bring the total manpower in Pevely to 13. The chief stated that vacations were being curtailed to ensure the police had proper staffing. No questions were asked about how many officers the city really needs at any one time.

The I-55 construction zone that is the stated reason for the increase in ticketing, though, is scheduled to be wrapped up today, according to the MODOT workzone map. So we will see if the ticketing spree wraps up as well, or just moves elsewhere. This driver has seen an increased police presence on city streets that coincides with the interstate ticketing, though, so I suspect citations will be issued all summer long. Keep your eyes peeled when traveling through Pevely.

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