Fox C-6 Strikes Again at Critic

9 Jul

On the heels of having the district’s lawyers send out threatening letters to four vocal critics, Fox C-6 has made another slap at someone who disagrees with how things are run at the district. During the public comment period of the June 25 board meeting, Rich Simpson called the district’s new nepotism policy a step in the right direction, but added that current high-ranking employees that are related to decision-makers should resign.

After Simpson’s allotted three minutes of speaking time had expired, Superintendent Dianne Critchlow took the opportunity to slam him in a misleading, classless fashion. Here’s what she said:

“Mr. Simpson, I would like to address, you know and we know that we cannot discuss. We are in compliance with every complaint to date and one is in litigation and we cannot discuss it. Moreover, Mr. Simpson, I find that your comments on the nepotism policy quite interesting since your father was an assistant “sup” and you were hired by him to work in technology as your mother worked here and your sister and now since they don’t work here you want the policy changed? I find that interesting. And, to say that the school board doesn’t read their emails. You don’t know that. You can’t just throw out things that are untrue.”

Critchlow then cut off Simpson as he tried to respond to this attack. Simpson explains at his website (link above) why these charges are flat-out misleading.

This is another example of how things are rotting from the top at Fox. The April election removed two board members from office, forcing the district to adopt the new nepotism policy, which prohibits board members from hiring relatives to supervisory positions. But it will take a couple more election cycles to clear out the rest of the old guard. Then maybe a majority will exist that will start cleaning house in the administration, starting, hopefully, at the very top.


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