More Harassment in Arnold?

15 Jul

Someone call the Missouri Commission on Human Rights. This looks like harassment (of Susie Boone, of course). Click to enlarge. This is from the June 13 Leader.

boone market


One Response to “More Harassment in Arnold?”

  1. P H July 15, 2013 at 10:44 am #

    No surprises on those type of actions from the Susie Boone. She has a free ride on the tax payer dole for 5 years and the council can do nothing about it, thanks to the bone headed settlement some of our elected officials made for her lying about being discriminated against. I’ve personally heard numerous complaints from others as to how they’ve been treated, mostly verbally, by Susie Boone. She seems to have a reputation of being rude and abrupt to citizens that call to reserve or request park facilities or other accommodations.


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