New Faces in Pevely

17 Jul

Pevely has a new city attorney and a new alderman, according to the July 11 Leader. The new attorney, thankfully, is not Bob Sweeney. I don’t know if his is one of the 10 firms that responded to the request for candidates. The new attorney is Melissa Vighi. She will make $3,200 per month, plus $165 per hour for work outsider her normal duties (such as court appearances). That’s a base salary of $38,400.

The new alderman is Russ Shackelford, a longtime member of the city Planning and Zoning Commission. We’ll have to watch and wait before we determine what kind of alderman he is, where he will come down in the mayor vs. city administrator vs. board tug of war, and how eager he will be to tax and spend.

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