Jefferson County MAP Scores 2013; Festus on Top

25 Aug

It’s time once again to dig into the numbers and see how our county schools are performing. With the release of MAP test scores for 2013 and the results of the new Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) assessment, we can see how our schools stack up. I did a somewhat similar comparison last year. Here is this year’s chart, sorted by MSIP score (click to enlarge):

JeffCO MAP 2013

These ratings – “structured like a report card for school districts based on data such as state standardized test scores, attendance, graduation rates and whether students leave ready for college or careers” – are compiled somewhat differently from previous years’ scores. This system is supposed to allow for finer distinctions. The results of this assessment thrust the Festus district to the top of the county rankings. Last year, when I looked at high schools only, Fox was at the top of the list (based on average MAP scores across subjects). Festus High was 5th.

At the bottom of the list, we have De Soto. The district’s high school did well last year (4th). There is a gap of 15% between Festus and Desoto. De Soto has had some controversy over the last year with a proposed unpopular change in its grading system and a dismissed superintendent. Note that Sunrise, a K-8 district near De Soto, had the worst average MAP score, but topped four other districts in MSIP score. This may be because Sunrise scored well in attendance and in subgroup achievement (test performance of minorities, free-lunch eaters and English language learners). Sunrise also doesn’t have to worry about MSIP standards related to ACT tests, AP courses, etc. since they don’t have a high school. Sunrise also is improving from year to year (by MSIP scoring standards), which helps the MSIP score. Go here to look up specific scores for your school.

Conversely, Windsor had the 4th best MAP average, but had only the 8th-highest MSIP score in the county. I’m not really sure how MSIP scores correspond to MAP scores, but Windsor got low MSIP scores for high school math and middle school science that brought it down. Sunrise had low MAP scores, but high MSIP subject scores.

The new Jefferson R-7 district continues to do well, placing third in the county this year.

Here’s a comparison of district-wide English and math scores between this year and last year:

JeffCO MAP 2012-3 Comparison


Here, Crystal City, Grandview, Northwest, and Windsor showed improvements in both categories. De Soto, Hillsboro, Jefferson, and Sunrise showed decreases in both.

These are some numbers to consider when your school asks for approval for a tax increase or bond issue. The voters at Sunrise just approved such a measure.


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